What is bitcoin

we make a payment with a 50 dollar note, we are making a payment that is fast, cheap, and who does not require intermediaries. Quick, because the time for the transaction to be finalized is the time to deliver the ballot to the seller. Cheap because because there are no fees in this transaction. Without intermediaries because no other company has to participate in this process, neither on the side of the buyer nor on the side of the seller.

In electronic forms of payment, there is a major change in the relationship between buyers and sellers. If we take as an example a payment with a ticket, it ceases to be fast, since in addition to the buyer having to make to go to the bank to make the payment, the seller will only receive the money a few days later. This payment also has a higher cost, since in addition to the cost of the ticket, the seller needs to have a bank account and the buyer sometimes has to travel to pay it. Finally, there is always the bank intermediating the transaction, and sometimes other companies like Paypal, for example.

Understanding Bitcoin is simple. It is a digital technology that allows to reproduce in electronic payments the efficiency of the payment with notes described above. Payments with bitcoins are fast, cheap and without intermediaries. In addition, they can be made for anyone who is anywhere on the planet with no minimum or maximum value limit.

Technology has been gaining many supporters worldwide. Recently Bill Gates in an interview with business channel TV Bloomberg said that "Bitcoin is exciting because it is cheap."

Today it is possible to donate in bitcoins to global institutions such as Greenpeace or Wikipedia, or buy airline tickets on Expedia, or enter an apartment at Tecnica, all using bitcoins.

We believe it to be the most relevant technology being produced on the internet today. And it's just the beginning.